For Discord Coders - Poll

Which do you think is better or easier to code in for Discord?

discord.js or

Note, if you use another language, please don’t say your language, just say which one you think would be better, as I am only collecting data for these 2 languages, not other languages.

You should create a poll.

How? Lol I tried but I don’t know how.

  • Discord.js

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For reference:

@RiversideRocks I am a new user, so I don’t think I have that option.


That’ll be why. Have fun here :glitch:


async and await in python are a bit weird, and discordpy has issues with some python 3 versions making it incovinient

Tbh I don’t have a major problem with it. Also works with 3.6 and up and if you’re not using 3.6 and up then you should probably upgrade right about now.

I like Discord.JS 11.3, but I can’t do Discord.JS 12, due to it breaking my bot. My opinion on Discord.PY; eh- It doesn’t really do well for me. However, I barely know Python, I know JavaScript better. But, take my answer with a grain of salt.


discord.js v12.2.0 is easy for me.

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