For this month’s code jam, we’re making waves 🌊

Happy July! Summer has some of us thinking of ocean waves, but there are waves all around us regardless of location or season: sound waves, the wavelengths of color, greetings to friends from across the street…we can go on and on, but we’d rather dive into this month’s code jam instead: waves. That’s the prompt. Splish splash!

Head to right now to learn more about what jams are, how to submit your projects, and see what the community made for past jams. And a huge shout out goes to all of you who added some color to Glitch during last month’s #rainbows jam!

We can’t wait to see the waves of projects that get submitted this month!

blingee gif of a mermaid in an ocean scene with light rippling water and a school of fish swimming in the background


While experimenting with wave forms, I made this neat little app called “wvfrm” that lets you create sine, square, triangle, noise, pulse, and sawtooth waves, experiment with their frequency & visualize them. I think it’s pretty cool!