Forever Loading causing problems

The forever loading in some of my projects never caused any error, or I just didn’t knew about them.

But now if an project is forever loading (when it should be LIVE), it is not supported in
I am not sure what to do to make my project 24/7 alive (not by codes in the project itself)

Please fix this or give me a way to make it Live instead of forever load.

Example Project:!/duel-bot (there are 2 more like this but private >.>)

Waiting for replies
~ A Glitch User

It keeps loading because you don’t have anything listening on a port. It will continue to show the loading icon until that’s resolved. Try adding the following toward the top of server.js

const express = require(‘express’);
const app = express();
app.get("/", (request, response) => {

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Hi @Gareth, I seem to be having the same problem, my project’s been starting(loading) for a couple of hours now, can’t seem to figure out why that is.
Here’s the link to my project:!/colossal-fact.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

No, this is a different issue - You’ve put your Express route handling and listener within the mongodb connect statement. I’ve moved the listener outside of that and you’ll see the project loads fine now.

@BadiR3d you might want to make that private, as your env file is visable if we click the link. There is nothing in there yet but to be safe …

The contents of the .env file is not shown to non-members viewing a project.

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@Gareth thanks for your help, all is well now… @vampymaria, i’ll be sure to remember that next time, thanks

How did you access the code and move it in the first place? I also did the same and the glitch is loading forever… can you help me please…

You might want to contact about this.