Forgot CNAME value for Custom Domains

Hello, yesterday when I was trying to get a custom domain, and it gave me a cname value which was needed for setting up the DNS. But I really forgot to copy it. And as I read an article about Custom Domains that we can use as the cname value, but it didn’t work for me. It keeps me showing “not found”. Is there a way to fix it or get the old cname value somehow?

I suppose you could email to have the domain removed.

Well, yeah, but why doesn’t work though?

I’m not sure. How long ago did you update your DNS? Records can take up to a day to update.

the edgeapp URL is only for CNAME, as it directs requests to the correct address. However this cannot view the site directly

Well, how does it direct the requests to the correct address?

Sorry. He means you can’t access your site by going to, but it should work with a CNAME record

In simple terms; Glitch told the edgeapp that this domain goes to this project.

In advanced terms; Glitch stores the domain with a correspondig glitch project Host, which is also send as a header to glitch.