Forgot login to glitch, no way to recover

I forgot my login to glitch and there is only login from email,github,fb, and google

None of my usual accounts work for my old account and I emailed glitch support but of course its slow.

There isn’t even a FAQ page for forgotten logins. How can I retrieve my login information (or the account/platform used to login)

Hey @ptree44, neither the email address nor the GitHub id associated with this Forum account are linked to the Glitch account you mention in your email. Instead, the account you seem to be trying to access is associated with an email address like ****.********

You should be able to use that email address to login using the Sign in with Email option. At the moment we don’t store any login information aside from your email address or the ID of the selected authentication method (GitHub, Facebook, or Google account ID) so there’s nothing to reset.

Let us know if you have problems logging in with that email address.

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I forgot which email is my account @daddiridoddad with the subject of my glitch account and I cannot login. Please help me @cori

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Hi! Send an email to and we’ll try to help you recover the account!

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You can also create ticket here

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