Forum community?

Anyone aware of a forum community software that I could use on here with my moderators on a few discord servers? With being boosted for the extra resources

It would only be for no more then 10 at most 15 ppl

I made something with but it isn’t a permanent solution I need something with user profiles, and message logging

Does work?

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Are u asking if the software works for me personally or if it works on glitch?

I’m making my own forum on Glitch. Definitely not at a usable state yet.

What did u mean by flarum tho

It’s an open source forum software that might work here, I don’t know though and have never tried

I have a forum on there free plan. But I don’t like the fact that the user numbers aren’t specified before the having to pay. Along with all of their branding

I would use it here tho on a booster project if it’s possible

It’s open source. You’re talking about

Oooooh I didn’t know that was a dork I thought it was just another service they offered

I’m sorry. A what? :joy:


With boosted, Discourse (this forum software) might work.

I don’t think so. Discourse needs Docker, which Glitch doesn’t have.

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I suppose you could, but it is not supported.

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You could try NamelessMC but, that is more focused around Minecraft Servers.

The “Powered by” is at the very bottom of the screen (where the Copyright info would be), but since it is open-source, you could go into the files and remove that part out.

Edit: It worked on my phone, which was running PHP (without rewrite)

I say discourse is the best, bc a bunch of people love it and its used by Glitch!

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

The requirements for Discourse does not match what Glitch has at the moment:

  • Glitch only has 200MB per project (400MB Boosted). The min requirement is 10GB.
  • Glitch only has 512MB per project (1GB Boosted). The min requirement is 1GB.
  • You’d also have to Host/Buy Redis & Postgres (Hosting)

So Discourse would most likely not work (even if it did, it would kind of work poorly)
Discourse Min. Requirements
Glitch Specs/Pricing

Glitch could be using a Webhost, AWS, the paid version of Discourse, Digital Ocean, etc.

Edit: What i meant was when he said “its used by Glitch!” was talking about what they (Glitch) could be using to host the Support forum.