Forum suggestion: enable "Solved" plugin

Solved allows users to accept solutions to their topics.

What does it do?

Solved allows users to indicate that their topic is solved by accepting a post as the solution. Solved topics are marked with check on the topic list, and the solution is automatically displayed at the bottom of the first post.

@jean, the ‘Solved’ plugin does exist. If you see the bottom of this post, you should see a button that says ‘Solution’. Clicking on it will mark that post as the Solution to the thread.

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Yikes, so it does!

Ah, I see it because it’s my post.
Apparently people just aren’t good about marking topics as solved.
I raised this, because I saw many question-topics, and I had to browse them to find out whether they had received a conclusive answer.
I can understand that it would be awkward to mark other peoples’ topics as Solved, but it would also be a really helpful forum cleanup that one could do while reading. The plugin docs note that staff can also mark solutions. Does the Leader badge allow this?

Yeah, that is true. People who are new to the forums or those who are not much familiar with the UI and stuff might not even know that such a feature exists or some people might not even bother about that.