[Forum Tutorial] How to use custom emojis!

How to use custom emojis on the glitch forums:


  1. Drag a image into the new topic box:
  2. You will see something like this: ![image|112x112](upload://kUIKf3e1E6FWe3VbeYLm3gYilnl.png)
  3. Edit the link and add a percent number here:
    ![image|112x112, 10%](upload://kUIKf3e1E6FWe3VbeYLm3gYilnl.png)

Congrats! Now you know how to spend a lot of time doing something very stupid!


Nice but I have moved it to #uncategorized because #tutorials is for Glitch projects.

Moved back to #tutorials, as this post is an actual tutorial for how to use images in markdown. Even though this isn’t exactly related to Glitch it is still a tutorial.


…that shows you how to make emojis using markdown on the glitch forum.

Technically it is Glitch because it is the Glitch support forum. I find this useful because not everyone knows how to do that.

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