Forums ads appearing often

Is it just me or have a lot more ads been posted on the forums? I’ve flagged 4 in the past week, is this normal or-

Hi @OkayBoomer,

Thanks for checking in and flagging any spam that you see in the forum! In the past, we only allowed folks to signup for a Community Forum account if they had a GitHub account. However, this prevented a lot of Glitch users from being able to participate.

So a couple of months ago, we added Gmail as a way to sign up. Since Gmail is used by more people than GitHub, it has lead to the increase in spammy posts in the forum. It’s a tradeoff that we believe is worth it as it has increased forum accessibility for legit users.

Discourse does a good job of catching some of it before it even hits the forum, but there are always going to be a few that manage to slip through. When this happens, we really appreciate the community flagging them. When spam posts are flagged, we will do our best to remove them within 24 business hours.


Great to hear, thanks!