Free Dedicated server


Hello. I would like to know if there is any free Dedicated Server for my discord.js bot.

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You can host your D.JS bot on Glitch. Just create a new project or clone your GitHub repo :wink:

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thebigamer is obligated to add there files : start.js package.json configuration.json

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Hello @TheBigerGamer if you want to host your discord bot in me can help you. If moderators say no, me going to no help you. I does’n want a problems whit the glitch staff. Otherwise I will ask the staff if I can help you

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We are a community, and are always here to help, so If you would like to help and the person you are offering to help is okay with it, then we are totally fine with you doing it! Just make sure you do not do anything cruel like messing up a project on purpose!

  • Callum OKane


hello @Callum-OKane
No, I do not like people who do this I do not know what’s going on in their head to want to destroy great creations so I would not do what I do not like to be done

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If you can help me, thanks. But I think my bot can’t be hosted on, because my bot needs the console always on. Because of Lavalink and remindBD (I think this is the name).

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Can’t you set up console commands on npm “start”? Like

setup-smth && do-smth && node .
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if you want a console you can test this: tools > console. Or you can test this: tools > logs > console

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I know how to get it.
But I need the console to be ALWAYS on. And I want to get access to the logs anytime.

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The console always stays on, as long as the project is receiving HTTP requests. Use a service like Uptime Robot to keep your project awake.

Also, Glitch projects run inside of AWS containers.

You will have to manually keep track of logs as they are not recorded once the Glitch console window is closed.

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OK. And how do I track the logs?

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you can track the log whit this tools > logs

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OK. And there is anyway to automaticaly start the rethinkdb, lavalink and the bot; all in the same time?



You can start them all from a Nodejs file. Use the module child_process to manage processes/start them. Just Google Run an executable in Node.js and look for answers there.


(I would give a more detailed answer but I’m using my phone at the moment and it would be a pain copy and pasting)