Free Tier Accidental Overage

Hello! I’m concerned about what might happen if I accidentally exceed the usage limits on the free tier. Does a billing accrual start or does the project just get ‘suspended’ or ‘terminated’ or closed in some way that prevents any possible charges? Thanks!

Your project just fails to start.

here’s the help article about that

What do apps look like when the project owner has used all of their Project Hours before the month is over?

Ah, project hours is the only billable resource here? I’m used to more resource allocation itemizations being used. So there’s no way to incur overage charge of any sort? I guess it’s a new concept for me. :thinking:

The pricing model is really quite simple, it’s a solid$10 monthly or $80 yearly, if you go over your resource limits in the container the processes will attempt to exit, private projects just fail to start if you don’t have your membership. You’ll never be charged more than what the page describes. And of course, if you don’t link a credit card as well you’ll just be on the free plan and can’t be charged at all :slight_smile: