Freenom Custom Domain

How can i make Custom Domain on Freenom ?
Someone can explain me ? Please

Hello, I would to assist you.

First, go to your freenom dns settings for your domain, and set the nameservers so cloudflare, this is because

  1. Their DNS server are very fast (normally about 15 seconds)
  2. Very clean UI.

Now, go to tools -> custom domains -> Enter in your domain, can include sub domains.
Then, Enter a CNAME record.
If you would like any more help, just reply to this and ill get back to you

Where is the tools ? on glitch or freenom i can’t see
if u have discord we can talk on discord

ok i got CNAME what i do now ?

Tools is on glitch.
Open the custom domains section, and add the cname record to your cloudflare DNS.

how can i get cloudflare DNS ?

Change your freenom’s Nameservers to cloudflare’s name servers that can be found by logging into cloudflare, and adding the site.