Freenom help! (OFF TOPIC)

I’m trying to get this domain and every time I try, this error pops up…

I used to use it but it worked flawlessly, now its just… broken.

Are you on a VPN? If you are, try turning that off.

I’m not… I don’t know why.

This has happened to me whenever I’ve tried it, on multiple devices. They may have blocked your IP for some reason :frowning_face:

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This is sad :frowning:

Very :sob:

This may sound dumb, but if you can, unplug your router for a little while, that may update your IP.


Good point. Not sure why freenom would have blocked your IP. Could you change your user-agent?

Let me give it a try.

By the way, what does this effect?

Online, your user agent is just something that tells the website/server what device you are visiting it from. Maybe freenom is suspicious of your browser/OS? (I have no idea, but its work a shot)

I see…

Nope, it did’t work

One last thing, it looks like you have an adblocker on, can you turn it off? It could be blocking a google script.

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Maybe someone could register it for you?

Not working…

Thats too erm… confusing and untrustworthy. Unless someone I relay trust does it.

Maybe freenom servers are having issues, try again later.

This happens a few months ago already

No offence, but freenom isn’t that great, thats probably why.


Yeah, they took back and sold my domain once (for $500!)
.xyz domains are cheap and more reliable (~$1).