Freenom help! (OFF TOPIC)

If you really want a free domain and you are a student, there is always the github education pack.

Doesn’t surprise me. They sometimes link sites to, a very weird and shady site.


All of my freenom domains broke when I used comcast:

Your internet connection is too slow
Your browsing activities are used for ads
Change your DNS to FreenomWorld

And freenom’s DNS is slower!

Also don’t use GoDaddy for domains, they are too expensive

Then scammers/hackers use these domains to get free domains.


The domain is a lot better than a free domain.

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I sure made that mistake.

Google domains is quite good.

GoDaddy is setup to make you buy more stuff.

Godaddy Domains Are Actually Cheap.
.xyz Domains are .99

Not with all domains.

If you buy more than a year, its a good deal.

Really? I don’t know, they charged me a lot for

Go daddy charged me $5 for the first year.
Renewal is $30.
I’m switching in March.

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I think they’re overcharging you.

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I did a little experimenting with freenom, their site does not, work, and I don’t actually think its free.

It is free. You need to sign up to buy a domain. You get the domain for a year.

Google Domains is worth the price. Paid 850 rupees for My details for the WHOIS directory will remain private, free SSL (with most domains), unlimited email aliases (, and integration with popular website builders. Plus it’s Google, so next time someone wishes a domain, I suggest they use Google Domains.


google captcha couldn’t load, yeah are you in a country that censors google stuff?
^ me trying to obtain domain in china last year, didn’t go so well. I did setup a google cdn redirect for pages who used it to make them work again

Some free domain on freenom provide free if protection

Can confirm its great

GODADDY charges over 100K for some domains.

For instance,

Yes because its a premium domain, thats pretty normal