"freezing" code & saving drafts

it would be nice if you could save a draft to not update the code that’s being shown so that you could make a edit without it effecting certain testing. (ex: you remove a important line of code to adjust all of the variable names and you freeze the draft so that it doesn’t cause a error )

another thing would be to make it so you could freeze the usage of the app for stuff like pasting in a chunk of code and avoiding server side conflicts.

another thing i would like would to be able to save certain drafts to revert to just in case you mess up something and need to undo.

Thanks for your suggestions! We plan to add a simple branching mechanism, so you can develop away from production, and the ability to roll back a project. This should provide a lot of what you’re suggested. In the meantime, you can get creative with remixes to create snapshots of projects or to work on projects without effecting the live version.