From git repo clone fail

I am seeing this loading screen forever. It looks like something is blocked. I am trying to import a private github repository by clicking new project > from git repo

Hey @javaarchive, just to confirm, when you say “clone” are you using the git clone command in the console, the “Clone From Repo” option for new projects, or the “Import From GitHub” option in the Tools menu? Each of them implies different behavior, so making sure we’re talking about the same thing is important.

I believe those errors in your console are unrelated; those are from one of our third-party services and I suspect are being blocked by an extension in your browser - something like Privacy Badger or uBlock would result in blocked calls like that, for instance.

I used the “Clone From Repo” option for new projects. Also I firgued out it wasn’t the clone from github part that wasn’t working. It was actually the editor, because after a few minutes I tried loading another project and the same thing happened.

Hello @javaarchive so you’re still having problems loading the editor on multiple projects?

If so do you see the same behavior

  1. in a private tab with no extensions
  2. from another network (perhaps on cellular data instead of wifi if you have a mobile device handy)?

If you’re seeing that on more than one project that seems to indicate a connection problem between you and Glitch, which could be related to an extension or to something on the network you’re using.

It was mainly the network because glitch was working fine with a mobile hotspot so I don’t think uBlock was interfering.

Anyway since I am back on my normal internet connection, I can use glitch fine.