Front end and back end getting out of sync, reverting to previous state and losing changes

I’ve been having persistent problems with the front end and back end getting out of sync and losing small amounts of my edits.

Here’s what I’ve been trying as a workaround: hardcode a timestamp like 2016-06-28 14:16 in the H1 header in index.html as you’re working and update that manually every so often. If you see the live view of the project go out of sync, reload the whole project page (and click “Show Live” again).

PS: A couple hours ago I was seeing errors like this in the Activity Log but I gather that was just the server temporarily melting and got resolved quickly and probably unrelated to the above, though it seemed like it was exacerbating the problem:

/app/bin/start: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable
/app/bin/start: line 9: kill: (7) - No such process
/app/bin/start: line 8: wait_for: No record of process 7
/app/bin/start: fork: retry: No child processes

(And also some core dumps.)

PPS: I’m having so much fun working on HyperDev projects! The concept and execution (even with the above glitch) is absolutely brilliant. And thank you so much for being so responsive and receptive to feedback!

Thanks for sticking with it @dreev! I know these types of issues are really annoying, that’s why stability remains the core focus for our team at the moment. So that we can look into these issue for you I’d like to get some info from you - have you always been getting these issues with HyperDev, or have they only begun recently? If so, roughly when? What browser are you using? Do the problems occur on multiple projects or just limited to a particular one? I’m assuming you have a stable net connection, you’re not coding on the commute or something? We should still work with poor connections, just clarifying. Thanks!

  1. Only recently
  2. The night of June 24 was the first time it happened
  3. Chrome on a macbook.
  4. Multiple projects (sun-skinner and platinum-raver)
  5. Seemingly yes, but now that you say that I think it did also happen once before when I had a flaky connection.

Also, things are seemingly fine again since I wrote the above post.

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