Frustration: not remembering cursor position in file



When I have multiple files in a project, and I switch from File 1 to File 2 and then back, the cursor appears is at the end of File 1, and I have to scroll or click back to the spot in the code where I was working before.

Desired behavior:

It would be very helpful if Glitch just remembered where the cursor was in File 1.



hi brahn-dsr,

unfortunately I can’t reproduce your issue: Glitch on my browser (latest Chrome) keeps the cursor position on all the files I visited. If you share your project name and the files in which this happen, I might give a deeper look :slight_smile:


It works for me too but this reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to bring up: if Glitch is idle for some hours then when I come back to the tab it reloads the whole environment and puts me back on the README file. Not a big deal but it’s been gradually bugging me more lately, probably because so many other things are getting super smooth and slick and fast!


Hi etamponi and thanks for your quick reply!

I’ve isolated the issue a bit more – the project is!/project/silent-taste and the particular context here is bouncing back and forth between the (with Markdown view enabled) and the answers.js file.

It looks like this problem does not recur if the markdown view on is not enabled.


Hmm, trying to post a dropbox link with a video of this happening but it is not working well.


Hey brahn,

thanks for your report! We added the bug to our backlog, we hope to get to it soon!