fs.WriteFile doesn't actually write anything to the file

I’m using the following to try to write to a file named output.txt;

fs.writeFile('./output.txt', 'New Request Processed', (err) => { 
   //In case of a error throw err. 
   if (err) throw err; 

the only problem is when I execute this block of code, nothing happens. No error messages and the file is blank. Any ideas on why this might be happening?

Hey @scriptkiddie3141,

Try running refresh in the Glitch Console, so that the file created using fs.writeFileSync shows up in the Glitch project

This works, but is there a way to handle this so that I don’t have to run refresh every time to see updates to the file? I’m going to be writing to it repeatedly.

I don’t think so…because all these changes are made from the console, they cannot be watched for changes either.

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You can probably see them without using refresh, by having it being returned by an express GET request. But I don’t think editing can be done, unfortunately…