fs.writeFile is works but i cant see changes in the db file, but can see in console(fs.readFileSync(...));


I was looking for answers on how to fix it, i’m found the “refresh” command, but I was tired of constantly entering the terminal. Are there any other solutions?

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where are solutions?

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Hey @LDG1 you could use Node’s child_process.exec() to run the refresh command automatically when you’ve finished your write, or intermittently as needed. Just keep in mind that refresh will trigger a restart.

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@cori how i can refresh specified file, not all files? Like this: child_process.exec(“refresh db_example.txt”) ?

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There’s no mechanism in Glitch to do that, I’m afraid.

We do plan on providing better support for dynamically-updated files in the future, but I don’t have a firm timeline on when that might be available.