Full Disk Error on Glitch

This issue is almost identical to this topic and this topic. I am running a project which writes to a file often. I’ve roughly fixed the problem by adding the files to a .gitignore, but I need space to run git prune and git gc, but I have no space left, and there’s no files I can remove without breaking the project. Can anyone help?

@just-another-person, you’ll have to wait for @glitch_support to give you extra disk space!

In that case, the project is called “zbeacon”, should be public.


Your domain removal might take a while becaaaaussee:

hi @just-another-person - i’ve granted you a day of extra space so you can prune your git history.

Hey @jenn it didn’t seem to work, I entered the project and ran git gc in console, and I got the same error.

This likely means that the actual contents of your app have hit our technical constraints for disk space usage. How large are the text files that you’ve added to gitignore? If you’re constantly printing logs to them, can you stop doing that and have the app still run?

The text files I added to .gitignore are just 512 bytes, and another one is an increasing counter. I can’t modify the project for some reason, because whenever I modify a line (tried to remove console logs), the app disconnects and reconnects and wipes my changes.

i just went in and saw that even though i gave you a temporary larger volume, it wasn’t showing so i restarted the project and was then able to run git prune.

Thanks, that solved all the problems!