Functions in Buzzfeed Personality Quiz


We are new to coding, like…very new. Brand new.

My group is trying to remix a “buzzfeed” personality quiz. We have figured everything out except the results of the quiz, which I’m guess are the functions.

Any tips or videos you can send me? Thanks in advance!

Hi, can you tell us the name of the project that you remixed?

ours is bison-personality-quiz

The part of script.js where it’s adding event listeners (lines 65 to 113) need to have a function as the second argument – right now it’s passing an int variable.

Instead of

q1a1.addEventListener("click", Cstudent);

it would be eg.

q1a1.addEventListener("click", result3);

It means that when the button with id “q1a1” is clicked then the function “result3” will run.

Thank you!