FWP - an easy-to-use website builder

Project URL: https://fwp.glitch.me/

FWP, or “Fast Web Pages”, allows you to create websites with no coding skills. It parses markdown text you write and turns it into a website you can share with anyone.


Wow, I really like this!

What markdown parser do you use?


I used markdown-it for parsing markdown and ejs to make the page look good.


Here’s an example page that utilizes Markdown: https://fwp.glitch.me/v/6f9681de

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This is amazing! Great job.

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What the… Awesome man!
Also, you might wanna watch out for copyrighted content, you should better add a DMCA!

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Why? Your content is not more safe when you add a badge from some shady website.

DMCA is a bad hack website? @RiversideRocks

No, it’s something to protect your site if someone steals it. I don’t think it’s very necessary in this case.

Can you add the ability to add metatags like sort of like how txti does?

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I am pretty sure this will be that

I am totally not the smartest rickroller of all time :wink:

Imagine your url being something like facebook…

Also, will this ever be open source?

I would love the source :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for the kind words!

  • I’m not going to add options to protect pages or disable download buttons because:
    • I want people to be able to export data from fwp (who knows if it’ll last forever?)
    • It’s impossible to obfuscate HTML pages, and the entire page can be saved by pressing CTRL + S even if the download button would be disabled.
  • fwp was meant to be open-source when I and my friend started working on it. My friend will publish the code later today.
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Metatags will be also added later today.


I don’t know how to do that though. It’d look really ugly and the Markdown parser I use doesn’t have an option to use plaintext as the output.

The source code of fwp can now be viewed here: https://glitch.com/~fwp

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YESSSS exactly what i was looking for

Could you add HTML support? I would love embedding youtube videos & contact forms in there.

Most likely not. As a workaround, you can try this for embedding YouTube videos and something like fnContact/Google Forms for contact forms.