FWP - an easy-to-use website builder

ok thanks!

I don’t view others’ pages without their consent because I don’t want people to feel unsafe using fwp. In case I’ll find a fwp page somewhere on the internet that contains illegal content, I’ll take it down.

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A suggestion, can you make it so that you can download the source code of a page?
And there could also be an option if you want people to download your source code or not!

I’m such a genius

When I was working on fwp this option actually existed, but I’m not sure how safe it’d be for people to be able to download raw markdown files.

Downloading raw Markdown files would probably safer than downloading raw HTML as no browsers that I have heard of actually render Markdown files.

That’s why Markdown parsers like Parsedown and Marked exist.

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Hey, why don’t you put this on GitHub so anyone can contribute and improve the project?


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This is a really cool app. Maybe you also could turn it into a PWA?

Also, I’m going to remix this and and add a bunch of features lol

excuze me

they loook very similarr.

A PWA is an installable app in which you can even view pages offline :wink:

I don’t believe all PWAs work offline. DEV.to is a PWA but does not work offline.

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Yeah, I do know that. I have a theory (that I just made an hour ago :wink:) where ejs will not work offline no matter what. You also can’t allow some other site to work offline that’s not yours via https, because it would be like knocking on a locked door.

it can be bundled in…https://cost-of-modules.herokuapp.com/result?p=ejs@3.1.5
then a pwa can just cache it for you
I don’t see why it would need any network requests after that

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Yeah, I don’t think that theory is true lol

I used EJS to separate my headers and footers which ended up working great in a offline PWA.

(Also, now I just use 11ty and Nunjucks because EJS already works with 11ty and Nunjucks can auctally be simpler to use)

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No, I mean’t for a database (accounts) :man_facepalming:

iirc firebase and remotestorage works offline, Firebase more designed for databases tho.

firebase??? geez that is pretty cool

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Yes, firebase.

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Also remotestorage works ok but you don’t wanna use it for consistent database access/without encryption.

I got the idea to do this from txti, so it may look similar. I did this because txti was dying at that time (no business model, they were saying in twitter that they have financial issues) and it was not open-source.