General UX suggestions

I didn’t see a thread for General UX suggestions so I thought I’d start one.

I am regularly going back to my profile page to reference my own projects. (One reason I’m doing that is because currently right-clicking a project from ‘switch projects’ button overrides my current project’s editing session)

My natural instinct has been to click the fishies thinking it’s going to take me to my profile ( rather than general home page. I wonder if you’d consider location of that button to user profile or adding a profile button up there?

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Well, you can press and hold CTRL and click on the project from the “Switch Project” menu. Once you click on the project you want to redirect, it would be opened in new tab, which would not close your current project session. :slight_smile:

~ Bolt.

Thanks for the reply…

I used the term ‘right-clicking’ when I meant ‘control click’. Does control+click open in a new tab for you? I’m in chrome and it just overrides for me

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You can open the current a href link into new tab using:

Control + Click on the link

Command + Click on the link

Thanks, Bolt.

You can click on your avatar image in the editor at the top-left and select the option to go to your profile page.

Oh nice. Any chance we could have that a consistent experience across all screens? For example, when I’m on - I’d like that dropdown to send me to my profile page. (Currently it is not an <a>)

My fab colleague, Jenn, has updated the button to include links to profiles: