Generating BTC/ETH values from Tiingo, and saves it to JSON

Project URL: Glitch :・゚✧

Hey, y’all:

I’ve recently spent a lot of my time making a pretty (debatably) awesome script that automatically generates values of Bitcoin and Ethereum from Tiingo, and saves them to a file. I’ve also included a manual script that takes a collection of those prices from the past month and saves that to a file as well, so if you feel like making some kind of Tensorflow work with it, it can take that as data! (Provided that JSON works with it, and some finicky finagling too :wink: )

Note, you won’t get the API key from me! You can make a free account with Tiingo and link it up yourself in your own .env. If you feel like spelunking through some code and maybe dissecting it for everyone to understand, go for it!