Get a unique identifier for users

Since we can’t get the IP address of the clients making the requests, maybe you could add a new unique identifier for every user based on their IP address, and when we try to get the user IP address we will get this unique identifier instead of the actual IP address.

Also, if that’s a big no for you for some security reasons, is there a way to get anything similar to someone’s IP address that is unique per user and doesn’t change over time?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hey @shaked6540 you should be able to access the requestor’s IP address without any changes on our end by examining the x-forwarded-for header for the request, which should include that information.

My only caution is that you should keep in mind that under many circumstances IP addresses should be considered private information and handled accordingly.

Oh, thanks, didn’t know about that :slight_smile:

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You could create a unique cookie on the client. Then, when the client connects back you know it’s them. Also, you have the benefit of not having your cookie expire a lot. Unlike IP addresses, as they can usually reset.