Get CPU Usage inside of Code

I am aware that you can see the CPU usage inside the status section of your glitch project, how do I get it form inside the actual code though? Like I’m displaying it on my website’s dashboard, I want a variable to have the CPU percentage, how do I get that? This is my website that I’m gonna add it to


If you’re using NodeJS, you can use the os module to detect CPU stack and usage and all that stuff.
Check out this link:

On cloud repos, it seems like os detects the cpu/storage of the entire server your project is on - in my code returned 25gb RAM and 250 out of 500GB storage usage (whaaaat, I only had 3 text files).

This would be a nice thing to have. For now you can use a package like this:

have you tried using os on glitch?

There’s a glitch-specific way of doing it, but it’ll take some searching

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