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I’ve been in a huge thread or two recently about remixing apps / privacy, so figured I would attempt a small app where you can actually see those (prior) remixes. Note it was clarified earlier on that the remix chain refers to where your app came from, not who’s remixed it. I was confused about this myself.

It uses the Glitch API which appears to need some updates, after trying out various endpoints.

Admittedly, this app is not very good. :grin: I couldn’t get info to display properly until I finally just stringified it. But it does the job if you’re curious about this stuff. Feedback (and remixing) are welcome!


Amazing app!
Works pretty awesome, though has a bit of an eerie side for sending that many data-packs. Or maybe it’s just my I5 laptop.

Ha, you mean it shows a lot of info? I guess it does, though everyone’s projects here are v much out in the open.

I think that’s what’s great about open source. The lack of privacy promotes honesty. But if you don’t want to join in, you can always make your stuff private.

Very funny lol :laughing:
I’m more of the gimme all the code for your project kid, so I guess I like to keep my stuff public lol

Small enhancements: I recently added dark mode and a copy code button for the id url.

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