Get input from text box and print to screen

I need to get input from a text input box and add it to a list on screen. How do I do so?

Plus, how can I make it replicate the badges for the name as well?

Eg Type input, add name to table. Load status badge

@17lwinn, for the first part,

Assign the input element an ID and create a <div> element with an ID.

var list = [];

document.getElementById('div_id').value = list;

function addToList(el) {
  document.getElementById('div_id').value = list;

let button = document.getElementById('button_id');
button.addEventListener("click", addToList(button.value));

Hopefully this works…

Hopefully! Thanks for the help @khalby786

How about the badge generator link? Eg, add to list and append name to URL


Oh you mean the Glitch badge? Looking at the website it seems to be solved.

okay, but do you have an example? for the code