Get notified when your project goes alsep

Get notified when your project goes alsep

Lets just say that your project goes asleep, you have no idea about it until you open the project again.

Glitch can add a feature that it notifies you when your project goes asleep.
It can notify you by the following:

  • Webbooks
  • via e-mail
  • SMS
  • Twitter

Please let me know your ideas!

I think the webhooks would be a great idea! I would love notifications in my discord server. You have my vote.


Yes, good idea.
Discord webhooks and mail for me


That was what I was thinking about :wink:


But what if it goes down so much? We’d be spammed…

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Yes, but you would set it up, so it doesn’t matter. You would be able to turn it off and on


Yeah OK. You have my invisible vote. @glitch_support can you please make the limit higher?!


Why? You’d get spammed so much that glitch would get ratelimited/banned from the sending services.

I agree with @Anish, receiving notifcations when your project goes to sleep is a waste of resources, mostly because of how often projects go to sleep but also because of the short time-span a project is alive.

However, you can yourself send a webhook notification when your project goes online, which in my opinion is a better solution. This is something you can implement yourself.

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Maybe webhooks for error messages could also work?

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