Getting a 'missing binary' error

There is an issue with node-fibers

My project is!/shade-september

I haven’t changed anything about the project.

The error message is pasted below.

/app/node_modules/fibers/bin/linux-x64-57/fibers.node is missing.

Try running this to fix the issue: /home/nvm/.nvm/versions/node/v8.11.1/bin/node /app/node_modules/fibers/build


throw new Error('Missing binary. See message above.');


In a remix on your project, specifying a Node version in the package.json file forced an upgrade which added in the missing fibers package and got it back working for me.

"engines": { "node": "8.x" }

Thanks for the reply. That didn’t fix things for me, even on a remix. I have a feeling someone with admin powers needs to do something.

I didn’t do anything special to it, so no admin powers required. I’ve DMed you a join link to the working remixed project. Feel free to run with that. I’ll remove myself once you’re in.

I continue to get the same error with the same package.json you have in the remixed project.

I’m saying just use the remixed project.

Hi @tsdubose,

I think I just fixed your project, can you confirm it is working?


Thanks for the assist @etamponi.

It is not: I’m no longer getting the previous error, but all my npm packages are gone and npm install in the console doesn’t reinstall.

If you make a superficial change in your package.json file that should trigger an install.