Getting an error in the log within editor, but console works fine

Hello! I had a node project I was working on locally and discovered Glitch, so I’m transferring everything over. The site runs fine when I go to the domain, but if I click “Show” button in the editor it doesn’t load. Getting this error in the logs that is underneath the editor:

/tmp/ line 1: null: command not found

Everything works fine locally and it runs if I start it in the glitch console. How can I get this error to go away so I can use the instant update “Show” feature?


Hi @rtw,

can you let us know your project name? The problem might be that you miss the start script in your package.json.

That was it. I thought it was already in there, but I guess I reuploaded the original file at some point and didn’t add it in again. Thanks, glitch is amazing!