Getting `grep: /etc/app-types/pnpm-commands.txt: No such file or directory` after `rm -rf node_modules` in console

Hello! I think I kind of maybe screwed up something after mucking around in the console for one of my glitch projects. I noticed that y’all added a stats widget for my server and it seemed like my disk usage was suspiciously high, and my gut reaction was to go in to the console for my server and rm -rf node_modules to blow them away and free up some space. This succeeded in removing about 25MB of deadweight from my instance, but now I’m getting lots of

grep: /etc/app-types/pnpm-commands.txt: No such file or directory

error messages interspersed with my project’s log output. Looks like after every time pnpm installs and after every npm run my start script does. This isn’t a problem, it doesn’t seem to affect anything afaict but 1) it kind of bothers me to see them fly by and 2) I’m guessing that SOMETHING must rely on that file and would rather it exist.

I’m not sure how rimraf-ing node_modules removed that file, but if you could offer any guidance as to how to restore it and maybe what I should have done instead I’d appreciate it! If it helps with debugging, my project is located at!/powerslides but I do have it locked at the moment.

Thanks for reporting! Your issue should be fixed now.

Just a small piece of advice, Glitch uses pnpm by default instead of npm. This allows us to store your dependencies outside of your project disk, so you save space :slight_smile: pnpm has exactly the same commands as npm, so you can use it exactly in the same way.

Thanks for the assist @etamponi! Sounds like I need to research pnpm some more.