Getting the bot up and running

Haiiii so I tried everything tbh that I could think of to turn my bot on on glitch but I cannot seem to get it on. Could anyone help me please?

run the below in the terminal and post the results here.

curl -I
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Huh did i do something wrong?

there is a type in the second arg with the i flag, make sure the second arg is -I and not i-

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Well the container isn’t banned, did you start the bot correctly? Can you share the login logic? (NOT THE TOKEN)

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What’s the login logic?
Im sorry im kinda new to this hehe

The code you use to log your bot in

I just use DBM

Am not a real developer sorry :c

I’m not gonna be able to help with that :confused: Sorry, but I have no experience with DBM. Perhaps somone else will be able to help you.

Sorry if I sound really silly but what is DBM?

Aww dw man I appreciate you trying anyway!

But like nothing is wrong with my code in glitch - I have no errors anything it just doesnt turn on

Also DBM is Discord Bot Maker on steam

Its a app kind of where you get already coded commands basically

But you still have to have alot of experience to do some stuff unfortunatly and its kinda hard ngl

Is your project public. Can I have a link to the code. I will have look tomorrow (GMT Time Zone) :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not public

My other bot is on glitch 24/7 tho but I had help but the person who helped me did it all thru vc and isnt available anymore