Gfc- glitch custom footers

gfc - glitch custom footers

I’ve seen many forums have footers and I noticed glitch didn’t have any, so I made my own using a userscript.

Introducing, gfc!

Basically, when you create a new topic or create a new reply, it auto injects itself into the post and you can type anything you want, including emojis, markdown, html*, and even bbcode!

Click to install!, you will need a userscript plugin such as Tampermonkey (highly recommended, it’s great and it’s FOSS)

* Before people freak out over XSS attacks, it’s going through discourses’ cleaner so nothing bad is going to happen, you can already use html in your post

Example (image):

hi! i’m david. I like using node.js, ejs, nunjucks, and php to make websites. I live in the USA :us: