Ghost project runs out of space with node modules


Hey there! I have a project at, it’s a Ghost blog that has been running since the summer with no problems. Early this morning it crashed (seemingly out of nowhere), when I checked it out, it keeps running out of disk space by a lot. If I remove all of the node_modules, it uses only 17MB. Once it starts installing from npm, it quickly passes the disk limit.

I read that I could use pnpm by typing enable-pnpm so that node_modules wouldn’t count towards the disk limit. I did that and they still are getting installed the same way. Do you have any solutions to this?

And thank you! Glitch is amazing, I have learned so much in programming and web development, it really is an awesome resource.


I ran into this issue the other day myself and as a quick fix the easiest thing to do is restore it to an earlier backup. Have you added any new content to it in the last few days or am I ok to restore? We’ll look into the underlying cause. And glad to hear you’re liking the service!


Hey Gareth, thanks for the response. I was able to get pnpm working by running pnpm install, which solves the low disk storage issue. But the start script for the Ghost project uses bash && node node_modules/ghost/index. How would I reference the the index file from the ghost package now that I’m using pnpm? I know npm puts everything into the node_modules folder, but where does it go with pnpm?

And it hasn’t been edited or modified in a long time, so I’m not sure why it doesn’t work now. The earliest possible backup was 7 months ago, but I’ve edited it since then using the Ghost UI. Even when I tried that backup, I still ran into the same issues. Thanks!


pnpm still saves packages in the node_modules folder/directory. You should be able to run cd node_modules && ls in the console to list all packages in the node_modules directory.


Thanks for the tip. The problem now is that pnpm never actually got enabled. Because the project keeps erroring out, it keeps reinstalling the modules from npm. So when I enter enable-pnpm && pnpm install in the terminal, the terminal installs the modules from pnpm while the editor is also installing them using npm.

Is there a way I can do a hard switch to pnpm, or stop the editor from installing using npm so I can switch to pnpm? Thanks


Finally got pnpm working, but the Ghost version I was using was so old. Tried updating stuff but never got it working. Gave up and remixed the new project. Luckily I had a json backup from Ghost from only a few weeks ago. So it’s working now.

The ~ghost project on Glitch that is remixable is in development mode, not production, so it logged literally every single request for 6 months or so into a .log file, which is now 150mb+. I think that was what initially stopped the project.