Ghost Project undermaintance?

So im confused. it is saying the site is under maintenance?? i just briefly looked at it after remixing it. But it uses glitch for the front and backend right? or is it still depending on ghost in someway?

( NOTE: I have never used ghost or even read about it. I have just seen a lot of ghost sites around glitch and wanted to see what the fuss was about. )


Interesting – I’m getting first a security warning (this is on the developer version of Firefox) and then a notice that the site is not there and may have been moved (a Glitch warning.)
@ClearlyElevated are you using Ghost for your site?

Hey @ClearlyElevated it looks to me like your original link is incorrect - the project you’re working on is at, correct? It also looks as though it’s working better now, so I suspect you resolved your issue?

kinda. it still sometimes happens. did my cname url not get added? to clarify. Am i suppose to put www.mydomain.whatever ? or just mydomain.whatever ?

Hello @ClearlyElevated, each of those domains would be different ones and you’d have to add them independently for them both to work, though the configurations at your DNS host are likely to be different; has some more information about that. Right now I see records for and which both appear to work fine.

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what i meant was this. the glitch example shows www.mydomain so i was wondering if the www. was required