Giphy API Error

Hi, im making a discord bot using discord.js and im using the giphy API to get gifs. However when I put my code *const GiphyApClient = require('giphy-js-sdk-core') // const giphy = GiphyApClient(process.env.GIPHYTOKEN) it says that GiphyApClient is not a function.
I get this error TypeError: GiphyApClient is not a function

Hey @MrDiamond64,

Shouldn’t it be


? You missed the i in GiphyApiClient

Hope this helps!

Hey @khalby786, Unfortunately no. this does not work. But i did find a solution! Glitch was updating the giphy API package to version 2.3.1 or some like that bu the latest version is 1.0.6 so i have to manually change the package version

Guys, i have found a way to fix this. Glitch was changing the package version to something that is over what the version is actually is (2.3.1 instead of 1.0.6). So in my package.json file i had to change the version manually

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Yeah, I kinda noticed this with my Discord bot. @support_staff, this might be a bug: I have an npm package called giphy-api-sdk-core and the ‘Add a package’ button has a red coloured 1 which means that I have to update a package. And it shows the update for this package from v1.0.6 (the latest version, according to npm) to v2.0.3, which is a version that does not even exist. Attaching screenshots below:

package json – theradbot

v2.0.3 does exist, but is deprecated, so is normally hidden on the npm site. The package manager shouldn’t be offering to upgrade to deprecated versions, I’d guess this is a bug.

I didn’t know you could deprecate versions that are released ahead of the current version. And also, they created a 4 more versions after v1.0.6. Maybe it might be the version numbers that’s causing it to upgrade.