Git gc wont run

Could i have more space for a little bit? My project’s space filled up again and i cannot run git gc due to that. Project: strawbot

Ok, you should be all set now for 24 hours!

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The storage still appears full

Now that you have some extra space, you will need to run them commands

It’s still full though

Can you invite me to the project. please.

@SpeedyCraftah I’m seeing that you’ve got the extra space and plenty of room to run the git commands. Are you seeing something else?

I can see the extra space now and git gc run. I have a sqlite database that needs to be constantly read/written to. Is there a permanent solution to the project increasing in size due to the git tracking? Like running git gc every x days?

The best thing is probably to add your sqlite database to a gitignore file in your project so git stops tracking it.

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So you mean naming the database file gitignore ? Will it work for multiple databases aswell

No, the link I provided details the .gitignore file which tells git what files to ignore. If you put your database file’s name in that file (you may have to create it), Glitch won’t commit every time the file changes and your disk space should stay better under control.

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I put my files in the gitignore like this

Do I have to include the paths or will file name do the job

I think that’s perfect. Depending on what’s in your db directory you could gitignore the whole thing using db/.

Alright, thanks for the help