Git Import from a branch other than master

I am trying to import from a specific branch of my github repo (I created a glitch branch for the code I plan to push to my glitch hosting) but I cannot figure out how to push it to my git repo using user/repo:path with the git import feature (I do not want to make a new project, so I cannot clone from a repo).

Is there any way of doing this without having to reorganize my repo to have my ready-to-push code always be on master?

Hey @HalfALifeLeft, at the moment using the built-in git import feature, you can only import from the master branch. I encourage you to create a topic (or vote for an existing one) in to help us keep track of interest in that feature.

If you’re comfortable in the command-line, though, your project is backed by a fully-functional git repo and using your project’s console you can use standard git commands to do whatever you’d like.

Hope this helps!