Git is several years out of date

Running git --version returns version 2.7.4 which dates to a release sometime in 2016. Is there a reason this hasn’t been updated in some time? Certain behaviors for interfacing with GitHub are incompatible with such an old version. Are there any plans to update it to anything newer?

Installing a newer version of Git in the user’s directory is almost certainly out of question. Building Git from source produces binaries which take up > 100 MB of disk space.

EDIT: The source repository for Git itself is even larger, making it cumbersome to pull into the temporary directory just to build Git.


Projects have a limit of 200MB of disk space in the container. The contents of your project’s ‘/tmp’ directory currently don’t count towards that total, but those files are removed when the project restarts

perhaps you could try building from source there?

That’s what I did. The repository itself was too large to fit in the home directory by itself because of how populated the commit log is (although I think it fit after removing the .git folder entirely).

Building from source produces the final binaries which are > 100 MB.

Having an updated version of Git already on the system would solve everything and open up the avenue for neat things like integrating GitHub Actions with Glitch.

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yeah, or an addon system…