Git prune; git gc error


so I was about to clean my space in project and this error occured

fatal: sha1 file ‘.git/objects/pack/tmp_pack_jqLjk4’ write error: No space left on device
error: failed to run repack

And i don’t know what to delete, afaik biggest size on my project is the database, is there a way to clean some space without even touching the database?

Project name: glaze-cloud


Hey @Davindra your project was running out of space as you noted, so I lifted the disk quota for the next 24 hours to allow you some time to resolve the issue.

If you open the project’s console and run du -h -d 1 you’ll see that your git repo is what’s taking up most of your space, as you probably surmised. You’ll want to add a gitignore file that excludes any binary files or files that change often - probably in your case your /data folder - and then run the git commands you listed above and you should be all set.


I have fixed my problem, Superb, Thank you.