Git push as myself

I cloned my github rpo to the lowest level of my glitch project. I work on my code on glitch and test then push. however the user is Glitch (project-name). however i have to sign in as myself so would it be possible to use me or even my name and the project name in brackets? i also was wondering if it was possible to chnage the checkpoint.
e.g image

Hey @WilsontheWolf, inside your project’s container everything you’re doing you’re doing as the app user, not as your Glitch user per se. We do some “magic” on the backend to associate your Glitch user id with your username so that we can display user metadata associated with commits in Rewind (if you look at the output of git log --stat, your Glitch user id is listed after each modified filename) but that doesn’t translate to anything in git itself. Also the Checkpoint wording is built into Glitch and not modifiable.

You can do some things differently if you use git manually in your project’s console. For example you can set your git config to use your name and email address, but it will get overwritten by Glitch so you’d have to keep updating it. You can also stop the automated commits completely as I outlined in Stop glitch for automatically committing if you do that you won’t get any Checkpoint commits but you’ll also lose much of the value of Rewind as far as automatically allowing you to roll back to previous versions.

We plan on making some extensive changes to how git works inside a Glitch project in the future, but I can’t say exactly what those will look like or when we’ll get to them.


Thanks for that. I saw after this post that there is a vsc extension. Could i push from there in that cenerio?

Hey @WilsontheWolf, I don’t think the Glitch VS Code extension will help with this issue, no. There really isn’t a local filesystem that you can work in on to do your git operations - those will still be taking place inside your project running on Glitch.