Git repo access only works for about half the private apps

When trying to access a private glitch app using git, in case of about half the apps I get a message like this:

fatal: repository ‘’ not found

Where can be either my regular authorization token, or the token I get when clicking ‘copy user name’ in the interface. In both cases, the same subset of apps will consistently give this error. Others will work.

Any clues on how to fix/work-around this would be much appreciated!


Hey @vanviegen sorry for the bother! To be clear, you’re saying that the url you provided would have one of those two tokens you referred to in it (presumably you removed them for security’s sake)?

In this particular case I can’t find a project at that domain at all, so I would expect this behavior. Do you have another example I can dig into?

Oops, now I feel stupid.

I was using the not-really-an-API to obtain the project names (we’re using Glitch for educational assignments), and used ‘name’ instead of ‘domain’ as the base. So that’s why it didn’t work for projects that the students themselves renamed. Uhm…

Sorry for the noise!


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No problem, glad you sorted it out! Project name can definitely be confusing!