Git repo is outdated by months


I just tried cloning the Glitch project using the write URL in Advanced Options, but I found that it is extremely outdated, by months. Is this a known issue?


Hey @advaith, that isn’t something I’ve heard of, no, and I can’t repro it. Can you let us know your project’s name (or email to so we can take a closer look?


The project name is bisoga.


Hey @advaith I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

It seems like something happened to your git repo in May that broke automated git commits - probably a git process at around that time failed in some slightly catastrophic way that left your repo out of sorts and prevented further commits until you noticed the issue.

I’ve resolved the issue (to be specific it was cause by there being an abandoned lock file at /app/.git/refs/heads/master.lock which I deleted) and there’s now a recent commit that’s got your repo now caught up to the state of the project on Glitch.


It’s good now, thanks!