Github export failing

I wonder whats happening around with github export lately.

I was exporting codes from glitch into private repo of mine over github.
It was working fine around 2 months back.
I tried to export it back to the same repo, but it didnt work.

Actually it stated succesfullly exported but I cant see the codes over in github.
I tried revoking github access, and even github warned me for multiple actions with 3rdParty.
so I then had to even reverify the ouath.

But still no luck.

I would love to have it sorted.

Hi Froosty :slight_smile:

May I know your username on Glitch? I’d like to verify if your GitHub token is still valid.

Hey @etamponi, i am having the same issue of not exporting. Also tried to remove branch on github with no luck.

Glitch repo: hadesbotty-testy (user Favetti)


Just tried to revoke access, logout, login and grant access. Still says export sucessfull but nothing new on github.

Are you exporting to an organization repo? If so, be sure to add 3rd party approval for Glitch:

@Gareth I am not (github: Favetti/hadesbotty)

Its the same name from here, i.e. Froosty.
and yeah to clarify I am not trying to export to organization.

@Froosty, @Favetti,

would you mind if I impersonate you on Glitch and try to export to your projects? So that I can try to figure out what’s going on.

@Froosty, if you accept, what’s the repo which you’re trying to export to?

@etamponi, sure, no problem.


did you export 2 hours ago to I see a commit 2 hours ago in the Glitch branch:

@etamponi i just created some trash file directly on github, creating a new branch called Glitch - trying to understand the problem.

@Favetti this is the error:

Exporting to Favetti/hadesbotty stderr: fatal: Couldn't find remote ref master

We expect the GitHub repository to have a master branch. You named it Master. I think that if you create even an empty branch named master, it will work.

Yeah I am completely fine with it.
And yeah the repo I am trying to export to is a private repo, and its

@Froosty, does your repo have a master branch (exact spelling and capitalization)?

here this is the context.

I hope you saw the screenshot I sent and maybe are trying to figure out the issue ??

yes, I am checking :slight_smile: thanks

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I was just curious as its pretty much night time over here, so I might head off for bed, and wont be able to reply to your queries sooner.
And I hope it would be fixed soon.

I am not in extreme need of it, but its something I would prefer over downloading the repository and manually uploading to GitHub.

And yeah as always you guys are awesome with your service :smiley:

@etamponi Ok, i created a master branch instead of Master and its working again.

Thank you for your help!

Hey guys, export is broken again…

Now it is creating empty commits: