GitHub Export Failure


Potential bug report – I didn’t see a category for this so stuck it in feedback (please redirect me if this is a wrong place to post)

  1. Created a new site (not a node app)
  2. Imported code from a repo inside a github org so the path is doesn’t point to user_name/repo_name but rather org_name/repo_name --> import went through without perfect
  3. Made changes to a couple of files and added a file
  4. Tried to use the export option —> states success but I don’t see a glitch branch added in github repo

Admittedly, this is a bit of an edge case and y’all are in beta. Just an FYI :slight_smile:


Have you had an admin approve 3rd party access for Glitch on GitHub?

We need to do a better job of capturing that failure, but it’s the likely cause.


Thank you @Gareth that indeed was the issue. A little arcane in terms of hunting it down on github’s side but that’s par for the course :slight_smile: Yes, would be nice to get a prompt that I need to start hunting in the org settings.


I was just bitten by this as well. The silent failure made it pretty frustrating for a while. I kept trying and refreshing thinking it was taking GitHub a while to notice the new branch. (Huge thanks to @Digi-D for reporting the bug here!)

If there’s some way to at least not say “Export Successful” when that’s not true, that would help a ton.

In the meantime, I think this is the direct link to 3rd party access:

Click Glitch there and make sure it’s granted access to all your organizations.


the silentness of the failure is indeed a bug though - I’ll add that to the todo list, thanks