GitHub Export Failure

Potential bug report – I didn’t see a category for this so stuck it in feedback (please redirect me if this is a wrong place to post)

  1. Created a new site (not a node app)
  2. Imported code from a repo inside a github org so the path is doesn’t point to user_name/repo_name but rather org_name/repo_name → import went through without perfect
  3. Made changes to a couple of files and added a file
  4. Tried to use the export option —> states success but I don’t see a glitch branch added in github repo

Admittedly, this is a bit of an edge case and y’all are in beta. Just an FYI :slight_smile:

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Have you had an admin approve 3rd party access for Glitch on GitHub?

We need to do a better job of capturing that failure, but it’s the likely cause.

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Thank you @Gareth that indeed was the issue. A little arcane in terms of hunting it down on github’s side but that’s par for the course :slight_smile: Yes, would be nice to get a prompt that I need to start hunting in the org settings.


I was just bitten by this as well. The silent failure made it pretty frustrating for a while. I kept trying and refreshing thinking it was taking GitHub a while to notice the new branch. (Huge thanks to @Digi-D for reporting the bug here!)

If there’s some way to at least not say “Export Successful” when that’s not true, that would help a ton.

In the meantime, I think this is the direct link to 3rd party access:

Click Glitch there and make sure it’s granted access to all your organizations.

the silentness of the failure is indeed a bug though - I’ll add that to the todo list, thanks


Just wanted to add, had quite a pain of a time going through this–that link works for personal stuff, but it’s unclear what the process is for an organization. Those instructions are here: Requesting organization approval for OAuth Apps - GitHub Docs

And even after reading it it wasn’t until running in circles that I read more carefully and realized I had to go to my own profile (even though I’m an admin of the org), click the name of the app (so, glitch in this case), and then you get to a flow where you can request access to an org you are a member of, or grant access to orgs you are an owner/admin of.


Also, glitch was just silently failing when I would attempt import, and bring me to a project with just a readme file and nothing else… confusing to say the least.

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Hi! Please don’t bump old posts, that makes them go to the top of the list! In the future, questions like this deserve their own new, fresh thread, since we try to avoid bumping year-old threads in this forum.

Sorry, I don’t use this as a forum, this was just one of the few relevant search results on google. I added my comment here to help the next person who runs into this on google–and to hopefully bring attention to the staff to the issue here, if possible.

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