Github export not working

Hello, I’m having a problem with Github exports. When I try to export, ‘Export Successful’ appears but the page then reloads. The Glitch branch of the repo isn’t updated, and if I look in the console it shows 500 error the post request to ‘githubExport’


Typically you’ll see that 500 error if you are trying to export to an empty repo on GitHub. I’m not certain of the technical reason behind it but to export from Glitch the repo must have at least one file. I usually initialize mine with a .gitignore. Not sure if that’s the case but hopefully that helps.


yup that’s most likely the case. Github doesn’t expose uninitialized repos to third parties so the export just fails unless you have at least one file in the repo already. When I make new repos I just check the ‘make a readme option’.

In a future redesign of the export interface we’ll try and make that clearer as well


Thanks for your help! Unfortunately the repo has already got files in it, and I’ve been able to successfully export to the repo before I started to receive the error.

Hmmm. You’ve probably already tried but if not revoke repo access then re-grant it, maybe the permissions got messed up? An extreme test would be to fully delete the Glitch branch from GitHub and re-export (maybe export to a clean repo and see if that works first).

I had this problem, but it turned out I was doing two things wrong:

1: Have a file in the repo already (a readme.txt is enough)
2: put your GitHub username and a forward slash before the repo name

The popup does indicate these things, but not too clearly.