Github feature finish?

first: does the github feature works?

second: what should i type in the popup?

thanks for reply


The GitHub import/export features should work, let us know if you encounter a bug! Here’s some info about them to get you started:

To import the master branch of a GitHub repo into HyperDev for example from you’d type in the prompt heroku/node-js-getting-started.

To export to the hyperdev branch of an existing GitHub repo you’d type in username/reponame. The repo must already exist and be initialized with content. You can check a box to initialize the repo with a readme if creating it through the GitHub web interface.

Hope this helps!

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oh oke thanks.

that was my error.

thought it would create a new repo
thans for the fast reply :slight_smile:

I’m seeing an ignominious crash when I try to import (I consistently see an “Aw, Snap!” page crash from Chrome and then when I reload the project it’s back to its pre-import state)

for me it works

did it like 5min ago

My suspicion is that it has to do with the tremendous number of node_modules that are bundled in the repo. We can look into optimizing the import for larger repos, but I can’t promise anything soon.

I suspect it would work fine without the bundled node_modules though.

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I tried out the importing/exporting in firefox on windows 7 and it worked perfectly.

Then I came over to kubuntu 16.04 and the import works fine but the export gives me an alert with “Oops, an error has occured!” when I enter the repo.

Error happens in firefox and a fresh install of chromium, on my laptop as well as a VM (on windows) running the same OS.

Any ideas what my issue could be? I’m stumped by this one.

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into better error reporting for when an error occurs.

I’ve tried to export to an existing private repo in an organisation and it is not working. I gave permissions to Hyperdev, but it outputs:

Here’s a proof that HyperDev has the rights.

@jonathanGB is the repo private in the org? Previously our GitHub export permission was only elevated to public repos, but I’ve just released a change today that will allow it to push to private repos as well. Let us know if you’re having any more issues!

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Yep, it asked for new permissions in the flow. Works great, thanks!

Simple change (I think) I’d suggest is to add the possibility of adding a custom commit message.

// [prompting for repo]

var customCommitMessage = prompt('Custom commit message?');
var commitMessage = customCommitMessage ? customCommitMessage : 'Updated at';

// more stuff

Another suggestion, less important though, would be to remember the repo, so we don’t have to put the user/repo everytime we want to export to GitHub (localStorage ?)

Thanks again! :grinning:

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In response to the issues in this thread, Daniel and I made a couple small updates to github import/export:

  • the js prompt boxes now mention that you need to already have created the repo to import into (@wenish)
  • we prefill the prompt with the last repo you used per project (@jonathanGB)
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works perfectly @pketh, thanks!

Ps: is my 1st suggestion in the backlog or something (custom commit message)?

We’re still considering it. Could you help us out by telling us the scenario that you’re using gh export and why you’d want a custom commit message?

Extra info: The context that we mostly use this feature right now, is as to backup projects to gh or as part of the process of merging one hyperdev project into another (a ghetto version of version control). In both of those scenarios, having to think about and write a custom commit message is just an extra step.

Right now I’m building a POC site, and I’m dumping the current state of the project to GitHub. When I’m looking back at the history of the commits, I’d like to see what I’ve done in that commit without having to read all the changes. Does that make sense?

I understand that it may be an extra prompt message, but the way I’ve put it in the code snippet example, you would only have to press enter when it asks for a Custom commit message?, and the ternary operator would just put the default message if nothing was input.

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Thanks! That makes sense, I’ll look into it as soon as I can

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Hey jonathanGB,

I’ve just added custom commit messages to gh export. Kick the tires and let me know how it handles :red_car:


Flawless, thanks! :grinning:

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Thanks @pketh.

Just FYI, the commit message dialog also appears if you cancel the export.


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